This is an internal function to create a new github_remote, users should generally have no need for it.

  ref = "HEAD",
  subdir = NULL,
  auth_token = github_pat(),
  sha = NULL,
  host = "",



Repository address in the format username/repo[/subdir][@ref|#pull|@*release]. Alternatively, you can specify subdir and/or ref using the respective parameters (see below); if both are specified, the values in repo take precedence.


Desired git reference. Could be a commit, tag, or branch name, or a call to github_pull() or github_release(). Defaults to "HEAD", which means the default branch on GitHub and for git remotes. See setting-the-default-branch for more details.


Subdirectory within repo that contains the R package.


To install from a private repo, generate a personal access token (PAT) with at least repo scope in and supply to this argument. This is safer than using a password because you can easily delete a PAT without affecting any others. Defaults to the GITHUB_PAT environment variable.


GitHub API host to use. Override with your GitHub enterprise hostname, for example, "".


Other arguments passed on to utils::install.packages().